Our vision

At the heart of HOP is the Vietnamese concept of "Com Binh Dan": 'Working People Food'

Founder Paul Hopper says.

“Street food found us as soon as we touched down in Vietnam – exhausted and hungry, we arrived in Saigon’s backpacker district without a clue. We saw locals eating at a makeshift café on the street and headed over – soon after, we sat in front of our first steaming bowls of Pho. It was a revelation – such rich, aromatic flavours. We left refreshed and feeling so welcome: a sense that grew familiar as we got to know the depth of kindness – and incredible food culture – all over Vietnam. …

You could say HOP was born in Hanoi: more specifically, in a living room turned buffet restaurant. As local workers buzzed in and out, choosing from amazing food ready to go, I knew the same principle would work for a working community in London with little time to spare. We set out to share the same combination of immediacy, taste and quality with HOP customers: fresh, authentic meals, on a serious time budget.”


Paul Hopper