Our food

With borders on China, Lao and Cambodia and an enduring French influence, Vietnam is the original home of fusion food

The modern taste of Vietnam is fast, fresh and fearless: cherished recipes prepared quickly for a working community on the move. There’s little dairy and not much oil or gluten. Instead, rice, vegetables and protein form the basis of most dishes; with intense flavours from fresh, fragrant herbs. Flavours vary widely with the country’s geography, from the subtle simplicity of the north to the rich, pungent sweet and spice of the south. Each of our signature dishes reflects the authentic flavour of its place of origin:


Pho and Com Binh Dan from Hanoi

Birthplace of many classic Vietnamese dishes, the country’s historic capital Hanoi is a place of constant motion. Behind the ancient city gates, the old quarter buzzes with street commerce of all kinds. It’s here you’ll find classic pho, reflecting the simple, delicate tastes of the region. Steaming broth with protein and rice noodles, flavoured to taste with fragrant fresh herbs. Minimum interference, and an unforgettable taste.

Here we also grew to love com binh dan – the “Working People Food” that inspired our hot boxes (and, in fact, HOP itself). A choice of dishes served from an improvised living-room buffet: hot and ready to go immediately for busy workers. Com binh dan is always served with rice - honoured throughout Vietnam as the food of the people.


Banh Mi from Hoi An

The beautiful old trading port of Hoi An fosters an intense, humid energy. Street food will find you whether you seek it or not – throughout the charismatic town, mobile vendors (mainly female) uphold a proud tradition of family recipes, perfected through generations. If you’re lucky you’ll find yourself wrapped around a Banh Mi – the light, French influenced baguettes stuffed with untold delicacies, known worldwide as the ultimate street food experience.


Salads and Summer Rolls from Saigon

Iconic Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is the fusion-food seat of the South. Adaptive and adventurous, vendors here aren’t afraid to experiment – pushing the boundaries of traditional recipes. Many varieties of herbs, sauces and spicy condiments take centre stage. Colourful salads use exotic fruit & vegetables from the lush Mekong Delta, while noodle salads are often bound with a sweet, spicy and sour sauce.