The hop journey


New beginnings

Following a 6 year stint in the city, we set off for adventures in South-East Asia. Things don’t go quite as planned – a typhoon diverts our travels from Indonesia to Vietnam, and we arrive clueless and hungry in Saigon. Here we taste our first unforgettable Pho, but it’s in Hanoi that we encounter Com Bin Danh – Vietnam’s amazing ‘Working People Food’. Fast, fresh, so much variety. Cogs begin to turn…

An intoxicating 2 months disappear in a flash, and all too soon we reluctantly board a plane to leave, totally inspired by our experience. It won’t be long until we’re back.



You can’t keep a good idea down.

Back home wondering where life goes next, and thoughts keep returning to Com Binh Dan. Could this concept work here in the city? There’s only one way to know. With a good deal of help and shared wisdom, HOP is born. Time to get busy.



Food pilgrimage.

The HOP team return to Vietnam – this time to steep ourselves in the culture of street food and its vendors. We meet some pretty colourful characters, who simply blow us away with their kind hospitality - and are happy to share a few trade secrets ;) (Our hot tips? Saigon’s lunch lady, a living legend. Madam Khanh Banh Mi in Hoi An: life will never be the same again.)



Back home, it’s time to find a site. We set our hearts on Broadgate at the core of London’s busy working district – and after much crossing of fingers (and other, rather more complicated processes) our wish comes true. We commence fit-out: the design team bringing street inspiration to bear on a London interior, completing the authentic experience.